Samsung: Unleash your ImagineNation
Samsung released the Samsung Galaxy Note9 and wanted to highlight their newly improved S Pen and camera for the Malaysian market. This was an extension from the main campaign which was focused mainly through online channels. The idea was to engage audiences to participate and stand a chance to win the Samsung Galaxy Note9 and tickets to the Selfie Museum. This campaign accumulated around 1000+ submissions and averaged 200 - 300 winners every week. By the end of the contest, they selected 2 winners to win the main prize.
What are ImagineNations
Encouraging people to tap into their childhood imagination and see things in a different perspective. Everyday can feel mundane but we forget that we have a choice to see life in rose coloured glasses. 
This campaign was to inspire your inner child and express your creativity through doodling and Unleash your ImagineNation!
The themes are localised and what's more Malaysian than to lepak with your friends, eating all through supper and borak all night with the people close to you. 
How to win
Essentially what you do is take a photo, add a doodle based on the theme for a given period of time and post it on Instagram with #ImagineNationNote9 and tag @SamsungMalaysia .
The themes were:

Theme 1: Chiller than Chill
Theme 2: Chitter Chatter
Theme 3: Eat, Eat, Eat

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